'As Long As You Love Me: A love letter from Dakota to Donna' at Gallery Vela, London July 20th, 2012 & Dazed Emerging Art Award Oct 2012

Could the popularity of female face morphing and body augmentation online point to a near future where the digital image of beauty is all that’s necessary for satisfaction? Could an online aesthetic revolution short circuit the women’s beauty industry the same way bloggers circumvented print fashion magazines? In A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century, Donna Haraway looks toward a world in which we have all become cyborgs to one degree or another and makes an argument “for pleasure in the confusion of boundaries and for responsibility in their construction.” Using technology’s advances to blur the lines between reality and fiction, young girls have begun altering their online personas to create second identities.

For Festivela, on Friday, July 20th, participants looked at the unofficial ethics of multiple online identities, documentation weighing in over actual events, and the origin of ‘cute,’ all from the comfortable physicality of our corporal bodies. Featuring a 15 minute Power Point performance, a 45 minute looped video, a Golden Ratio worksheet and snacks.